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Wired 2003 curated by Renee Vara

Once the party commences, the performers will distribute color ribbons to individuals. Each participant will receive a ribbon and will be asked to tie theirs with another partygoer, thereby the exchange process forces each partygoer to make two other connections. Such connections may be made with strangers, friends or lovers to simultaneously capture the social structures of the contemporary art world and represent the scientific networks that format our everyday lives. The ensuing interactions create a system, a structure, which often we are unaware of, as they are immaterial and intangible. To make the invisible visible, a blinking t light will be attached to each ribbon whereby the social connections made at the party, although ephemeral, will "map" the process of the performance. In addition, the name of each participant will recorded on each ribbon to document and delineate the specific links made from either existing or new social relations during the party.
The resultant soft sculpture will be displayed . Each participant's name and their "connector's name" will appear in a published document as an archival record for the performance to give form to the previous nights historical activity. The final sculpture is a visually mystery as it is a sculpture created out of communal participation that will develop a pattern only after it is experienced. Like social conditions and systems brought about through human interactions, the work is simultaneously mobile and immobile, permanent and impermanent, stable and indeterminate.
Renée N. Vara

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